I am the king of flex space. It took me years to get to where I am today, and now we are only  going up from here. Now here’s the question… how did I do it? I am a flex space developer, and the industry is UNTAPPED. A lot of the real estate available in this asset class is old, and the sector keeps growing. By building quality products quickly, I have been able to develop and sell my properties, and now all I have to do is rinse & repeat the process. But here is what really made me the king of flex space: building a personal brand.

I am not going to lie to you, I stumbled on my personal brand by accident. I was bored and stuck at home during the pandemic like everyone else, so I did what anyone would do: I got on Tiktok and started dancing. But something surprising happened, I went viral. That is when I saw the potential. I could bring my business to social media, teach people real estate, and spread my brand past my in-person network. I could have never predicted what came out of picking up my phone on a random Tuesday and learning a stupid ass dance. 

Branding ideas

Building a personal brand is extremely valuable. Let’s take a look at Elon Musk and Tesla for example:

The whole reason why Tesla became a billion dollar company essentially overnight was due to Elon Musk’s personal brand. Elon Musk’s personal brand is so strong that he was able to take a mediocre product and create the breakout car brand Tesla. Still not convinced of Elon Musk’s power behind Tesla? Answer this: who is #2 at Tesla? The chances are that you probably don’t know the answer and that is exactly why it is so important to take your business to the next level through personal branding. Elon Musk’s branding developed a buzz around Tesla which is what made the company be valued highly. 

With people on their phones more than ever, social media and the digital world is an unlimited resource for you to promote yourself and your business. We have seen digital creators become famous overnight, and we will continue to see these creators do extremely well in their businesses by focusing on their digital presence and creating a personal brand. 

Here are five things that I did to create a successful personal brand, and put my name out there as the KING of flex space real estate.

  1. The first step in building a personal brand is to look at who you are, and what feels true to you, and what you want to accomplish. Your personal brand is a tool you can build to help you reach your goals, but that will only happen if you are genuine on your platform and in your branding. 
  2. You need to just get up and go for it. It can be intimidating to get on a social media platform you don’t fully understand, but you just have to create the content and hit post. However, you do need to put the work in. Research the platforms and create content that your audience actually wants to watch, and is popular currently. Your personal brand WILL evolve. No one’s content will stay the same, and it shouldn’t either. You should always be looking at how to get better, and your brand should be something that evolves and grows with you. Don’t let fear get in the way. =
  3. Tell your story. It really is important for you to be authentic and genuine, this means that you need to tell your audience who you are and allow them to see your personality. Everyone has a personal brand, you are just working to bring it to social media and a larger audience. You have to be intentional on what you want your social media presence to say about you and your brand. I wanted to tell my audience my story of immigrating to the United States from Dubai, and the experience of building a successful business from the ground up. I want to share this portion of my story to tell others that it is possible to build success and create a legacy, and that they can do it too. What do you want to tell the world about you?
  4. Follow other creators that you look up to. The best advice I can give you is to learn from others who are where you want to be. Look for inspiration from these creators on what content they post, or just to motivate you to keep growing your audience.
  5. Create a community. By building a community of  your kind of people, you open your brand to a lot more opportunities. Build a community by niching down. I‘ve already gone into this with a previous blog post, *link niching down blog post* Communities create connection and engagement for both your business and your brand. Your brand is something you need to put the work into to build up so you can create a lively and engaged community of the exact people you want to be talking to. 

Influencer filming for personal brand

Personal branding is all about building your digital reputation. For me, I am getting more investors and creating new flex space developers just by showing people what I do. It’s taken my business to the next level. Your personal brand is an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd and be known as the expert in what you do. 

If you haven’t begun to create your personal brand, what are you waiting for?