What is automated real estate?

Automated real estate is basically what it sounds like: automating your real estate business. Now this does not mean you don’t need a team, but it does mean that you and your team’s workload will be reduced, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture rather than getting bogged down in tedious tasks. Automation applies to real estate when looking for and nurturing leads, property management, and account management just to name a few. 

What’s the benefit of automating your business?

The goal of automated real estate is to make your business run easier. As you guys know, I am all about doing what is easy, when I look at my ROI I don’t just look at the numbers, I look at the effort as a factor as well. Making money easier and faster is the problem I choose to solve in real estate, and why my investors specifically choose to invest with me. 

There are a lot of benefits to automating your business, I’m just going to go into a few that really made automation a priority.

1. Higher Profits.

There will always be tedious tasks that are necessary to running a business. Finding ways such as lead generation forms and sequences, opportunity tracking, and account management, to automate these tasks allows you and your team to put your hours into growing your business rather than maintaining it. 

2. Minimizing Errors.

Human error is unavoidable so why not let computers minimize that risk. Especially when it comes to mind-numbing actions that need to get done, something is bound to slip through the cracks causing slip-ups or mistakes. Using a service such as a CRM software like Hubspot (this is actually what I use for my mastermind, Flex Space Untapped) that helps do those tasks and keep track of everything will significantly reduce costly mistakes. 

3. Easier Scalability.

In order to scale and grow your business, you cannot be caught up in the day-to-day tasks that are associated with your business. Through automation, you can trust a computer to do these tasks faster and without error, allowing you to focus on taking your systems and processes, and expand them on a larger scale. A developer’s job is not to micromanage the details, it’s to be the visionary who can take his or her team and company to the next level.

4. Higher Productivity/Efficiency

The systems used to automate your business can do multiple tasks at once, and streamline your process. This allows your team to do things in the most efficient manner, leading to an increase in productivity.

How is Flex Space Automated?

real estate automation

I left multifamily for flex space real estate because multifamily was simply a headache. No matter how automated I made my business, or hired property managers to deal with my tenants, I still got calls, and I still had to deal with it. I did not want to do that anymore, I wanted a simpler way to go about running my business. 

There are multiple creative ways in which I personally automate my flex space properties and here are 2 main ones:

1. Virtual assistants

I use virtual assistants to deal with all the aspects of property management and leasing. This includes payment collection, potential customer tours and visits and the creation and execution of leases.

2. Cameras and Gate Access

I use cameras to monitor the property, as well as gate access to automate the leasing process even further by allowing potential tenants to walk the properties by themselves. The way this works is that the sample space has a coded door lock, when a tenant wants to tour we just give them the code and then they can tour the property without anyone actually having to be there.

As you can see, flex space really is just that easy. The demand for this product is high, it’s easy to build, and it’s easy to automate and maintain. If you want to learn more about flex space, subscribe to my newsletter. If you are ready to build and want to learn the systems and processes that have made me millions, check out Flex Space Untapped.