At the time that I’m writing this, the FTX guy went BROKE. He went from being a billionaire to a millionaire overnight. That’s insane, and it got me thinking about why I will never end up like him, and why people need to be investing in real estate over cryptocurrency. 

So let’s look at Crypto VS Real estate head to head

Regulated VS Unregulated

There are a lot of young people who see DeFi, or decentralized finance, as the future and are against regulations. However, you need to remember that these regulations were created to protect ALL investors. That is why I invest in real estate, and how I am able to actually get investors for my developments. Everyone in my fund is protected, specifically because of the heavy regulations surrounding real estate. We like to have regulations for funds so that we know we have to meet certain checks and balances in order to even proceed with our businesses. 


Let’s look at the crypto guys for a second.

They are a joke right now. Everyone in crypto is either in a lawsuit or losing a significant amount of money at the moment. People can lose 90% of their wealth in a SINGLE DAY with crypto. Let me tell you what crypto really is, it is a get rich quick scheme. Can it happen? Yes, however it is not guaranteed, and your investment is nowhere near as stable as it could be with real estate, specifically flex space real estate. 

Now let’s take me for example when looking at real estate.

The way I like to invest is, I work hard, but there’s a certain pace. Right now, the rate that I create wealth is at about 100% per year. It is entirely possible for someone to have a conservative ROI of 100% a year. There is a huge misconception that all real estate investing is 6-7% a year. That is just simply not the case. Unlike the stock market, you don’t see the huge swings of ups and downs that happen daily. 

The Bottom Line

Real estate is the way to make a lot of money SAFELY. Real estate is not as volatile as crypto, you do not have to be up worrying about losing your shirt in a single day. Yes, I know right now there are more sellers than buyers in the market. However, I am not concerned about it. Why? Because real estate will never die, it is essential, and therefore people will always be buying into real estate. 

People will always need places to live out of, and places to run business from. The demand for real estate is not going anywhere, especially for flex space real estate. 

If you are sold on investing in real estate, Invest With Me, or become a flex space developer yourself with my mastermind, Flex Space Untapped.