Passive income… AKA everyone’s dream. So, here’s the real question: how can YOU create passive income? One of the most popular ways to create passive income is actually through real estate. BUT… it is not as easy as it seems. Let’s dive into passive real estate investing 👉🏼

passive real estate investing

Passive Real Estate Investing With Residential Real Estate

Many people truly believe that they can put down money, buy residential properties, make money, buy more properties and BOOM: passive income. Well I’m sorry to say that that is just not the case. 

As with any real estate property, if you are going to be the one doing the work, it will not exactly be passive. This is especially true in residential real estate, it is a major pitfall of the asset class. You’ve heard my multifamily horror stories time and time again, it is not easy. With residential real estate you’re going to be getting calls about fights, broken AC units, flooding, and a lot more. That does not sound like a good way to get passive income to me. 

What If You Hire A Property Manager?

Unfortunately, I’ve been there. You would think a property manager would solve all your headaches with this type of real estate, but you will still be getting calls about the problems happening on your properties. Also, what many people don’t mention is simply the stress. 

In Houston we have hurricanes and flooding fairly often, that means stress about roofs leaking, stress about appliances getting ruined, stress about properties being flooded. About two years ago we had the Texas freeze, there were fires and damages in residential properties. At the end of the day, as the multifamily operator, that is your problem that you need to make sure gets fixed. 

Passive Real Estate Investing With Flex Space Real Estate

As you guys know, I am all in on flex space real estate. Why? Because it really is that much better than residential real estate. When you own a flex space property, you are dealing with businesses and professionals. This means that the tenant profile is one that is headache-free in comparison to residential properties. Also, not to mention that the tenants are being given an empty space that the tenant builds out themselves, meaning that I don’t get calls or hear about tenants complaining. 

The demand for industrial real estate is extremely high right now, meaning that the product is always rented out as long as you have the right marketing strategies. THAT is passive and stable income. 

demand greater than supply

How to Create Passive Income With Flex Space Real Estate

Now you guys know what I do, I build flex space real estate. It takes a lot of work and knowledge to get the 2-3x returns minimum that I get on my projects. If you are looking to do the work, build, and lease your project– no problem, I literally created a mastermind just for you. If you want to learn more you can head over to Flex Space Untapped. 

BUT if you are looking for TRUE passive income, I have just the thing for you. I am building flex space all over the nation, and I’m looking for investors. This is how it works: I do the building and you provide equity as a limited partner, giving you a percentage of the property; therefore, a percentage of the ROI. 

creating wealth with real estate

Passive real estate investing is something that can be very profitable, if you do your research and go about it the right way. I am ready to build a lot of flex space real estate in the next few years, and I want to take you on this journey with me.

Why Now?

I know, it’s a recession, interest rates are high, I get it. But that is what makes flex space real estate so special, read Is Flex Space Profitable With High Interest Rates? or The HARD Data On Flex Space Real Estate to dive in on why NOW is the best time to get in on flex space. 

If you are interested in taking advantage of the opportunities available to you, Invest With Me.