I have made millions with flex space real estate. I genuinely believe that flex space is the future, and the asset class is just getting started. Don’t believe me? Look at the data regarding flex space real estate. Still not convinced? No worries, I’ll have you convinced about flex space by the end of this blog.

So exactly what are the benefits of flex space real estate? LAND BEFORE DEVELOPMNET. LAND WITH ROAD IN MIDDLE

  • Flex Space IS Recession Proof

During a recession when every other real estate asset class is hurting, flex space real estate actually goes up. This is because when companies are looking to downsize due to a recession, they choose flex space due to the flexible nature of the product. Another benefit to the tenant is the combination of the office and warehouse access, and the shorter leases available to the businesses. Also, this solution is significantly less expensive than traditional office spaces.

  • High Demand, Low Competition

Flex space real estate is truly in HIGH demand, we can see this simply with the data we have. We are on the brink of a recession, if not already in it and so businesses are looking to downsize. There are e-commerce businesses that are looking to move in, as well as other businesses such as coffee shops, gyms, and car tinters looking to make the move. Flex space real estate provides the perfect medium for businesses to make a place their own, while having everything they need for their business functions. That is what makes this asset class in demand.

The demand for this product is through the roof, but that’s not even the best part. This industry is UNTAPPED, which means that at the moment there is no real competition in this space. When people ask me why I preach about flex space real estate when it will cause me competition, this is what I tell them: there is no competition. We can all ride the wave of flexspaces from the bottom where it is now, to the top. That is the opportunity available. 

  • Low Operations

Not only does flex space real estate have low operations, it is in fact automated, or at least it can be. You don’t even have to have a property manager to manage your tenants in this space, this role can be fully automated and assigned to third party or part time team members. The ratio of tenant to square footage is a LOT more attractive than multifamily and tenants often sign longer term leases.

  • Different Financing Options

You can develop your own flex space real estate project whether you have your own funds or not through a process called syndication. l, Luckily, I wrote a blog post about syndication and how to do it, you can access it here

  • Easy To Lease

I have a waiting list of tenants so I am never running out of businesses to rent these places to. But don’t listen to me, drive around, find a flex space and see if there are any vacancies– I can guarantee you will not find an empty flex space business park. My processes help me in making sure my flex space real estate is filled up with tenants quickly. I’ve perfected the marketing process to get inbound traffic.

  • Can Sell Or Hold Your Development

I sold my flex space business park when it was in its first phase of development. With flex space real estate, you have three options: sell during your development phase, sell after you finish developing the business park, or keep the property and make passive income. Any of these choices is easy money made with flex space real estate. 

  • Easy To Scale

Once you know the processes and see the success first hand, all you need to do to scale is rinse and repeat. It is the same formula every time for a flex space development, once you learn the proper processes, all you need to do is repeat the process. And keep in mind, once you find success in one, investors, vendors and GC’s will be knocking on your door for the next one!

Two people shaking hands in front of an in-progress construction development for a commercial property.

Flex space real estate is the most underrated and best real estate asset class out there. Believe me, I’ve tried AirBNB and multifamily and I was constantly running into problems. Making money with this asset class is easy, and you don’t have to worry about the types of  issues that come up with residential properties. 

That is why I created my mastermind, Flex Space Untapped. Believe it or not, I am motivated by showing people flex space real estate, and guiding them through how easy it is to make money. I’ve already gone through this process, and it was not a stroke of luck. Actually, it was the experience I have and the processes I created that caused me to go from 1 to 16 million with a single flex space development.  

You can find more information and apply to be a part of my exclusive community here.