While the rest of the world is talking about a recession, and the housing market going down, guess what?

The housing guys won’t really be making that much money. 

Yes, I know people are planning on buying homes while the market is down to make money once the market recovers, but they really won’t be making that much money. Or, I guess I should say they won’t be making as much money as they could be, or as much as I will by the time this recession is over. 

The real money is in land acquisition and then flex space development after that. 


Buying land and developing it will always have higher margins. Typically when you acquire property on the market, you are going to have to pay a margin to the builder; however, when you are the builder, that margin is yours. That is why I emphasize BUILDING flex space real estate, and why I am committed to building commercial flex space all over the United States. 

hamza ali

Traditionally when buying real estate, the market will affect the price of the project you are buying. You can’t control the market (unfortunately), but you know what you can control? An actual development. You can take control of making your own development and do your underwriting in a way that is cost effective, leading to an ROI you have a say in…

Every development that I’ve made, whether it’s during a recession or not, has allowed me to make seven figures per deal. Now of course this is depending on how large a deal is, but you could easily double or triple your money with these flex space developments if you:

  1. Know what you’re doing.
  2. Keep your costs under control.
  3. Are in the correct market.

If you have these three things, what are you doing? Go find land and take the advantage of the opportunity in front of you! 

If you don’t have these three things, you need to join my inner circle and get the education you need to avoid costly mistakes. Check out Flex Space Untapped for more information.

These large flex space developments are extremely easy to build. In fact, some of the team here in the office are developing their own deals or are going to be developing their own deals very soon. If you want to learn more, see What It Takes To Build Flex Space Real Estate.