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Ground up flex space developments are not easy business or easy money. It takes hard work, expertise and perceptiveness. The process of identifying great opportunity, calculating risks, drawing out the development process and ultimately building is not for the faint of heart. This is why I do what I do, and I welcome investors to benefit from my experience and know how. I am also passionate about teaching my process to people who are interested in starting their own journey in real estate investing and development.

About Hamza:

Hamza Ali is the founder of Hamza Invests, a commercial real estate business that specializes in flex space development. In the last 9 years Hamza has successfully acquired and developed $270M in commercial real estate and raised $50M in equity. His company, Hamza Invests, has developed 4.4 million sq ft of flex space business parks in Houston Texas. Hamza is now committed to spreading real estate investing knowledge across his social media platforms to his 140K followers. He has just launched his newest coaching course: Flex Space Untapped.




The Hamza Invests Automated Flex Space Growth and Income Strategy

Hamza Invests is a real estate investment firm based in Sugar Land, Texas that specializes in developing and acquiring strategically located flex space real estate properties. Investors have the opportunity to partner with Hamza Invests to grow their real estate portfolio using his proven strategies in successfully acquiring, developing and operating assets.

Our Approach








Hamza Invests adopts a network of statewide real estate professionals who allocate real estate investment opportunities that our internal team of experts then review and propose for acquisition. Hamza Invests, after much due diligence, then proposes the opportunity to our network of investors. Our investors have the rare opportunity to become partners in the actual real estate property which provides them with significant tax and appreciation benefits.


Our investors include individuals who are seeking to multiply their wealth through time tested and well-planned real estate investment strategies. Our investors become partners with us in the actual real estate acquisition. Hamza Invests uses a state of the art online portal that allows partners to keep up to date with their investments; providing them with complete financial and progress related transparency.


Upon acquiring the real estate Hamza Invests begins the process of ground up flex space development or improvements depending on the project needs. This process follows a strict and well thought out timeline that allows the real estate to generate significant cash flows on a pre-determined schedule. This schedule, the process and all updates are always shared with our investors, keeping them informed and up to date on our progress.


Our project management team oversees all occupancy and rent collections. Rent is collected on a monthly basis at all our properties which is then distributed to the investors on a quarterly basis. Our team is dedicated to creating maximum occupancy and gradually increasing rent which is justified by the improvements made to the property. We are proud to maintain an above industry average of 96% occupancy across all our properties.


Rent distributions are provided to the investor on a quarterly basis and are calculated according to the initial investment.


Hamza Invests Investment holding period ranges from 3 – 7 years, during which we apply our time tested add value formula and market expertise to generate optimal return on investment in the form of property appreciation.

Our Projects

Cypress, TX

SIZE 124,500 sq ft

Katy, TX

SIZE 66,000 sq ft

North Houston, TX

SIZE 58,000 sq ft

North Houston, TX

SIZE 61,000 sq ft

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